Head of the municipal formation
"Tigilsky municipal district"  S.I. Boroday

of Tigilsky municipal district

Tigil 2017


1.1. Name of municipal formation - Municipal formation of "Tigilsky Municipal District"

1.2. The district center is the village of Tigil

1.3. The head of the municipal formation is Boroday Sergey Ivanovich.

1.4. Responsible from the Administration of Investment Policy is the Head of the Municipality, Boroday Sergey Ivanovich.

1.5. Contact information:
postal address:
17, Partizanskaya street
Tigil village
Kamchatsky Krai
ул. Партизанская, 17
село Тигиль
Камчатский край
phone (fax): 8 (415-37) 21-2-32. E-mail: Этот адрес электронной почты защищён от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра.

1.6. The official responsible for updating the investment passport is the chairman of the Municipal Property Management and Economic Policy Committee of the Tigil Municipal District Administration Kolgan Nadezhda Viktorovna, tel. +7 (415-37) 21-1-92, mob. +7 (914) 780-17-50. Web site of Administration of the municipal formation "Tigilsky municipal district" in the Internet - The structure of Tigilsky Municipal district includes the following municipalities:

Name of municipalities Name of locality
1. rural settlement Tigil, district center
2. rural settlement Ust-Khairyuzovo
3. rural settlement Sedanka
4. rural settlement Lesnaya
5. rural settlement Sedanka
6. rural settlement Khairyuzovo
7. rural settlement Voyampolka


2.1. Geography and natural potential.

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The Municipal formation of "Tigil Municipal District" is located in the North-West of the Kamchatka Peninsula. It is bordered by Karaginsky, Sobolewsky, Ust-Kamchatsky, Bystrinsky municipal districts. There is a Median ridge on the Eastern edge. It is washed by the Sea of Okhotsk from the western part. Koryaks, Itelmen, Kamchadals, Russians and other nationalities live there as a big friendly family. As of 01 January 2016, total population of the formation was 3 807 people.
The administrative center is the village of Tigil, with population of 1.3 thousand people as of 01 January 2016, which is 34.0 per cent of the total population of the region.
A lot of rivers flow in the district. They are Tigil, Khayryuzova, Lesnaya, Kinkil, Anadyrka, Pyatibratka, Kakhtana, Kachylyn, Kutina, Voyampolka, Khalginchevayam, Amanina, Pirozhnikova, Sedanka, Kalgauch, Rassoshina, Napana, Kvachina, Utholok, Kovran, Tikhaya, Belogolovaya , Moroshechnaya, and Sopochnaya.

2.2. Transport accessibility of the district

Because of its geographical location, the Tigil Municipal District is a remote area of the Kamchatka region. Air transport in the district is the most important component of the passenger transport system.
Due to the poor road network and lack of lines of marine transportation, aviation is the only means of transport for the residents of Tigilsky Municipal District to get to district or regional center.
The year-round internal communication between the settlements of Tigilsky Municipal District is also established.
In rural settlements of Tigil and Ust-Khayryuzovo there are the points for unloading of seagoing vessels (hereinafter referred to as port station). Port station in village of Tigil provides unloading of vessels with fuel. Products, manufactured goods and other cargo is delivered from port station of urban settlement of Palana.
Port station in the village of Ust-Khairyuzovo provides unloading of vessels with fuel, food, manufactured goods, building materials, road-building equipment and other goods for rural settlements of Koran, Khairyuzovo, and Ust-Khairyuzovo.
The most favorable time of the year for sea navigation is from May to October.

2.3. Demographic information.
The demographic situation in the region continues to be difficult, and declining trend in the population is observed every year. The average annual population of the Tigilsky Municipal district for 2016 was 3.81 thousand people. The birth rate in the district remains very low. The total fertility rate (Figure 1)
2015 - 13.10, 2016 - 12.10, 2017 - 10.50, 2018 - 12.80, 2019 - 12.94 (the number of births per 1000 population)

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Figure 1

The most relevant factor that has a negative effect on the dynamics of the total permanent population is mechanical outflow. The number of those who left the district exceeded the number of arrivals almost 1.5 times. The mechanical population movement is presented in Figure 2.

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Figure 2

Expected data on population of the Tigilsky Municipal district for 2016 – 3,81 thousand people, 2017 - 3,74 thousand people, 2018 - 3,74 thousand people, 2019 -3,75 thousand people, 2020 - 3,75 thousand people.

2.4. Production of goods and services

The largest share in the structure of industrial production is the production and distribution of electricity and water (106,10 % compared with last year 2016).
In general, by form of economic activity "Production and distribution of electricity, gas and water", the production index for the year 2016 was 99,70 % , and 99.50 %. for 2015. The volume of products shipped in 2016 was 456,85 million rubles and 432,46 million rubles in 2015.
OJSC "Southern Electric Networks of Kamchatka" and OJSC "Koryakenergo" provide electric services to customers in the region. Now Kamchatka Krai has rather favorable tariffs for electric energy among regions of the Far Eastern Federal District. This is due to state subsidies for all consumer groups last two years, even though the actual cost of kilowatt remains one of the highest in the Russian Federation. In case of transition to a full recovery of cost of kilowatt by consumers, the price of the final product can increase significantly in all sectors of the economy.
Water supply as an industry plays a huge role in ensuring the vital activity of the district. It requires targeted measures to develop a reliable system of domestic water supply. The main instrument of quality management of granting housing and communal services is special-purpose programme. It provides development, adoption and execution of municipal programs in the sphere of fuel and energy complex and housing and communal services.The municipal program "Energy efficiency, development of energy and municipal engineering, provision of residents of settlements of the Tigilsky municipal district with utilities and improvement of public services" was approved by the Decree of the Administration of the Municipal Formation "Tigilsky Municipal District" of December 30, 2013 No. 527. The programme envisages activities aimed at renovation of dilapidated networks, upgrading systems of electricity and heat, construction and reconstruction of water supply and sanitation systems, road repair and landscaping.
For effective and safe functioning of water supply and wastewater removal systems, their development in view of legal regulation in the field of energy saving and efficiency, Schemes of heat supply, water supply and water disposal have been developed in the rural settlements of Kovran, Sedanka, Tigil and Ust-Hayryuzovo. Development of schemes of heat supply, water supply and water disposal is a complex problem affecting scopes of necessary capital investments in these systems. The scheme includes priority actions for creation of the centralized systems of water supply and water disposal, improving the reliability of these systems and also providing the comfortable and safe conditions for accommodation of people and contributing to the sustainable and adequate funding.

2.5. Agro-industrial complex.

In general agricultural production of Kamchatka Krai is operating under difficult natural and economic circumstances caused by climate conditions, geographical position and remoteness from other regions of Russia. In such conditions the industry is providing, its development aims at increasing level of food security in the region and satisfaction of needs of people in quality agricultural products: crop production (potatoes and open ground vegetables), livestock products (egg, milk and meat).
In Tigilsky Municipal District, agricultural production is mainly represented by small-scale producers - personal and peasant farms, in which production is being for own consumption, is sold to the population and supplied to social institutions under terms of contract.
The largest producer of agricultural production in the territory of the municipal formation "Tigilsky Municipal District is LLC "Revival of reindeer breeding development"
For the purpose of stimulating the development of cooperation, all types of enterprises of various forms of ownership in production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, improving the financial sustainability of agriculture through measures on financial recovery of farmers, improving the regulation of agricultural markets, raw materials and foodstuffs, the municipal program "Development of the economy, agriculture of Tigilsky municipal district, increasing their competitiveness" was approved by the Decree of the Administration of the Municipal Formation "Tigilsky Municipal District" of December 26, 2013 No. 508.
The volume of agricultural production in farms of all categories in 2017 would be 126.80 million rubles, 136.20 million rubles in 2018, 150.73 million rubles in 2019 , and 168.87 million rubles in 2020.

2.6. Small business.

The main activity of small businesses in the region is retailing.
Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs mainly operate inside the area.
Small enterprise plays an important role in solving economic and social problems, as it promotes creation of new jobs, consumer market saturation with goods and services and formation of competitive environment.
The results of a social and economic situation made it possible to allocate possibilities for development of small business in the region with active support:
- enhancing efficiency in the use of natural resources potential (wild plants, fish), creating on its basis processing activities;
- development of new industry - tourism;
- reorientation of small business from trade sphere into sphere of services and industrial agricultural production.
High taxation, the difficulty of obtaining and high rate of bank credit resources to start business, insufficient infrastructure in support and delivery of services to small business, shortage of own money to start or further develop their own business, lack of necessary knowledge in tax, legal and labor laws, inability to design and draw up business plan for financial support in the form of subsidies - all of this hinder further development of small business in the territory of Tigilsky municipal district.
Lack of a tax inspection in the region also has a significant impact on the entrepreneur's activities. It is very difficult to register as a small business entity and to get the necessary documents. For this purpose it is necessary to wait for the required documents by postal service for a long time. These problems are systemic. The solution to these problem requires an integrated approach because individual measures won't be able to change the situation in the development of small business radically.
In this regard, one of the most important tasks is to stimulate the development of small businesses and continue providing consulting and financial assistance to start-up entrepreneurs. In 2017 work on support of subjects of small and medium business within the municipal program "Development of economy, agriculture of Tigilsky Municipal District and increase their competitiveness for 2014-2018" was continued. The consulting point for small and medium-sized businesses operates in the area. It is equipped with a computer, office equipment and has access to the Internet and to the legal system "Garant", there is a reference and methodical literature there.
In 2016-2017, financial support in the form of grants to start-up small businesses was not allocated
Small business has become an integral subject of the market, impacting on the socio-economic development of the area, dealing with employment and improving living standards. Small businesses are the main suppliers of food and non-food items to the population and budget organizations, they provide services for transport of goods and passengers, etc. Imperfection of methods of statistical reporting of small business entities, the lack of statistical survey of individual entrepreneurs don't allow to reflect the real situation and fully assess the contribution of small businesses to the economy.
There are 140 subjects of small and medium business registered on the territory of the municipal formation "Tigilsky municipal district".


3.1. Automobile transport
Currently, the social and economic development of the Tigilsky Municipal District is largely constrained because of the lack of developed road network. To date, the road system is inconclusive and does not provide year-round road transport communication with the most economically developed southern and central regions of the Kamchatka Krai.
The existing transport connection with settlements of Tigilsky municipal district is presented by dirt roads and winter snow roads.
In the territory of Tigilsky municipal construction of the site of the winter road Anavgay-Palana continues. 230 km – 240 km (from Tigil towards Anavgaya) plan to finish in 2017. Subsequently the winter road "Anavgay - Palana" has to provide the year-round road transportation between northern and southern parts of the peninsula.

Basis for improvement of the transport system is the reduction in the transport component of the cost of goods and services and also the expansion of the transport accessibility of the territory. Transport costs are of particular importance for the consumer market, which is entirely dependent on external importation. The proportion of transportation costs in the value of consumer goods in the territory of district is more than half, and more than two thirds for some products.
Establishment of unified road network would substantially improve the socio-economic situation, contribute to the gradual equalization of people's living conditions by reducing the general price level for food and consumer goods, and in the end, among other activities, stabilize the overall economic situation.
Every year off-road vehicles are purchased for the routes Ust-Khayryuzovo - Kovran and Tigil- Voyampolka, where is the road communication. So, in 2016 snow and swamp-going vehicle for organization of communication with the village Lesnaya was acquired. In 2017 hovercraft for organizing communication between the settlements of the district was purchased. Also, services for the transportation of passengers along the routes Tigil - Voyampolka - Palana and Palana - Lesnaya are provided by individual entrepreneurs of Tigilsky region.
Activities for the repair of local roads in rural areas of the district, including concreting of roads in the village of Tigil are planned under the municipal program "Energy efficiency, development of energy and utilities, provision of inhabitants of settlements of Tigilsky municipal district with municipal and landscaping services"

3.2. Social sphere.

In municipal formation "Tigilsky municipal district" in 2016 academic year there were 7 municipal budgetary educational institutions (including 5 secondary schools, 1 middle school and 1 elementary school - kindergarten) and 5 preschools.
At the beginning of 2017, 444 students studied at schools of the district.
In 2017 in educational institutions 150 teachers worked: 112 people in schools and 38 in pre-school educational institutions.
In the outlook for 2018, the number of students in secondary schools will amount to 470 people and will increase during the projected period.
According to the projections, the number of children in preschool educational institutions in the district in 2018 will amount to 280 people and will continue to grow in predicted period.

As at 31 December 2016 the district the following municipal institutions of culture and art are located:
public institutions:
- museum of local lore - 1
- concert organization (independent municipal collective ) - 1
- libraries - 7
- club-type institutions - 7 (6 of them are under the budget of rural settlements, 1 - under district budget)
In 2015 municipal budgetary institution of culture "Tigilsky leisure center" was transferred from the budget of the rural settlement of Tigil to the budget of Tigilsky municipal district. The legal form and the name have been changed to municipal public institution of culture "Tigilsky regional leisure center" (Decree of administration of municipal formation "Tigilsky municipal district" from 22.01.2015 No. 10 "On the reorganization of the municipal budget institution of culture "Tigilsky leisure centre" in the form of transformation", from 24.02.2015 № 55 "About the change of the legal form of the municipal budgetary institution of culture "Tigilsky leisure centre", and from 21.07.2011 No. 293 "On the transfer of functions and powers of promoter of the municipal educational institutions, municipal institutions of culture and municipal institutions of social service").
In Tigilsky municipal district services in the sphere of medical care are provided with Territorial state health institution "Tigil district hospital" and the pharmacy (MUE "Tigil district pharmacy").

3.3. Construction

One of the tasks for the near future is to increase the volume of housing construction. Meeting the challenge of increasing the rate of house construction aims a multipurpose result: satisfaction the needs of the population in housing, the growth of investment in construction, and therefore, the development of the construction complex itself.
Every rural settlement has its own designed-estimated documentation for construction of houses of economy class. Project documentation was developed in accordance with urban plan of land, design assignments, planning rules, technical regulations, including establishing requirements to ensure safe operation of buildings, structures, constructions and safe use of adjacent areas, and in compliance with the technical requirements. Land plots for this purpose were registered in cadastre.
Unfortunately, under the signed contracts to date, the construction of houses in the villages of Tigil and Sedanka, ethnographic center in the village of Tigil isn't under way due to dishonesty of contractors. House in the village of Sedanka is recognized as construction in progress. Measures are being taken to admit the ethnographic center in the village of Tigil as the object under construction. Claims activities about the building the house in the village of Tigil are underway.
Also, in rural settlements of Tigil, Ust-Khayryuzovo, Sedanka and Lesnaya territory planning projects have been developed for possible further construction. of facilities.
In 2016 the educational complex in the village of Ust-Hayryuzovo and a new water intake in the village of Tigil were constructed and put into operation. Capital and current repairs of objects of social sphere and housing stock and engineering infrastructure are carried out. The designed-estimated documentation for seismic strengthening of municipal general education institution " Tigil Secondary General School" is being developed.
Elaboration of designed estimated documentation for major repairs of treatment facilities in the village of Tigil and reconstruction of the house at 27, Sobolev St. and the construction of economy-class houses in all rural settlements are planned in 2017.
The building of water conduit in the village of Ust-Khairyuzovo is also planned.


The main priorities of social and economic development of the district are:
- support in education and health sectors
- reforming in housing and communal services sector;
- support and development of agriculture;
- creation of favorable conditions for the expansion and development of municipal sector of economy, including small business;
- social assistance for the most vulnerable segments of the population.
Social and economic development of the area is influenced by specific, geographical and climatic conditions that doesn't allow to provide realization of all priority directions adequately.
The budget of Tigilsky Municipal District is highly subsidized and directed towards priority areas of social and economic development of Tigilsky Municipal District. The share of expenditures account for national issues, education, culture, social policy and intergovernmental transfers.
Under the Plan of creation of investment objects and infrastructure facilities in Kamchatka krai on the territory of Tigilsky municipal district the following investment projects are being implemented:

Plan of creation of investment objects and infrastructure facilities in Kamchatka krai on the territory of Tigilsky municipal district for 2017

# Project title Duration of the project Sources of funding Total cost of the project, mln. rub. Summary and  impact of the project A result of implementation.
1 Construction of a coastal fish processing plant (village of Kovran) 2014-2018 extrabudgetary funds 20,00 Establishment of fish and seafood processing industry.  
2 Construction of a modular fish processing shop (village of Tigil) 2014-2016 extrabudgetary funds 8,00  Production of frozen fish and seafood.  
3 Construction of fish processing complex 2014-2016 extrabudgetary funds 28,00 Production of frozen fish products.  
4 Construction of fish processing complex (river Tigil) 2014-2016 extrabudgetary funds 15,00 Production of frozen fish products.  
5 Creation of the shop for processing of wild plants through reconstruction and providing with necessary equipment of existing in the village of Ust-Khairyuzovo specialized industrial premises. 2014-2016 extrabudgetary funds 17,00 Creation of the shop for processing of wild plants through reconstruction and providing with necessary equipment of existing in the village of Ust-Khairyuzovo specialized industrial premises.  
6 Construction of slaughter house (LLC "Revival") 2014-2015 extrabudgetary funds 55,00 The project is aimed at meeting the needs of Kamchatka Krai in fresh deer meat.  
7 Construction of ethnocultural center in the village of Tigil, Tigilsky Municipal District (Ethnographic Center-Open Air Museum "Tigil Ostrog"), Kamchatka Krai 2016 год provincial budget 35,26 Increase investment attractiveness, tourist component of Tigilsky municipal district